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Change top menu/navigation bar (Modularity Lite) to align left instead of right

  1. Hello there,
    Can anyone advise me where I should go (under editor) to change the top menu/navigation bar (for Modularity Lite) to align left instead of right.

    Which ".php" or ".css" file should I edit under, and which section?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Here at, the option to edit theme files, such as PHP files, is not permitted. However, there is an paid upgrade called Custom Design that gives you the option to add custom CSS.

    If you have a setup, then you may edit any files you'd like but you must manage the software and edits you make on your own and also purchase a web hosting account where you can install WordPress. To learn more about the differences, see

    If you have a blog hosted here at and you have also purchased the Custom Design upgrade, then you can add CSS using the Appearance > Customize > CSS editor.

    Here is a guide about how CSS editing works at

    Here is a CSS example based on the Modularity Lite WordPress theme demo site that will reverse the floats putting the site title on the right and the main menu on the left:

    #masthead {
    	float: right;
    #top div.main-nav {
    	float: left;
  3. Thank you for your reply!
    I'm using and have it hosted on dreamhost.
    this is my site.

    Can you advice me which part of the coding should I edit?
    If I'm not wrong its Appearance > Editor > Style.css?
    But I'm not sure which part of the code should i be editing.

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi there!

    If you're using, the support forum is available at Please re-post your question there instead. Good luck!

  5. Can you advice me which part of the coding should I edit?

    I would recommend the CSS Editor that comes with the Jetpack plugin. :)

    If you have more questions, do ask at

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