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Change URL of our blog

  1. Hi there,

    Our current URL is however, we want it to be (which we recently bought and have rights to). How do we go about it doing this? We are just wary because we don't want any our content/settings changed but only the URL. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Map your domain name to your current blog (you can map more than one domain name to a blog) - set the Primary to when you get to that part of the mapping - that will have your old domain name still send traffic to your blog but your visitors will see your new name in their browser window

    I added a zone record for so you should be good to go

  3. Oh wow thank you very much for your detailed reply! The way you outlined it seems simple enough. A couple more questions however: will everything definitely remain unchanged and the site will function exactly as it does now? And our social media buttons? We read something in 'support' about other services may give a bit of trouble.

    Sorry for all the questions!

  4. yes your site will work the same just a different name on the door - all the old links will still work - you probably want to pay for the registration and mapping of your old domain for a while to keep the old address forwarding to the right blog and sites that have linked to your site have the links still work

    You will probably want to change your social media to your new address as part of the branding - but I don't use social media stuff so I am not the best one to answer this part of the question

  5. Ok great thank you very much, that does clear things up quite a bit :)

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