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change user name or cancel account

  1. franchisestategist

    i misspelled my user name when signing up. How do I change it/


  2. send an email to support (at) wordpress (dot) com and explain your problem. They may be able to fix it for you.

  3. That or just signup another account with the correct spelling. I would imagine that is what Staff will tell you to do anyways. Since you don't have a blog and the spelling of the name you are using now would be 'uncommon', I don't see a problem with forgetting about that account and just creating a new one. Especially if you are getting a blog on the next turn. If you are not going to use a blog, does changing your name really matter much, especially if you are only using this account for Akismet purposes?


  4. I can't change usernames.

  5. The reason i suggested contacting support was that to sign up for a new account, you have to use a different email address. I just thought that support may be able to completely delete the record, and the OP could use the same email address for his/her new account.

  6. ncnproducciones

    i want cancel my account

  7. This is just to let you know that accounts here are permanent

  8. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You can delete the blog. The name will never be used again.

    You can apply using a different email address and register a new username without a blog. Then your fits uername can invite the second username to become an administrator of the blog. Once the confirmation email has been received and the new username becomes an Administrator of the blog new username can delete the first username from the blog.

  10. You can also change the username displayed on your Profile page. It's the "nickname".

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