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Change via @wordpressdotcom to own twitter handle

  1. When someone shares my blog posts on Twitter, the tweet says 'via @wordpressdoctcom' at the end - how do I can this to 'via @sarahryantweets'?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Sergio,
    Thanks for the link, this option allows you to specify the twitter handle, but at the expensive of losing the tweet count, which is not ideal.
    Thanks tho!

  3. I know, Sarah, but unless staff changes things, this is sort of a workaround... :-)

  4. levynewsnetwork

    It is so annoying the WordPress did that. I don't know why they would and why they wouldn't tell us anything about it.

  5. That's just how they roll. Obviously they want to pimp out on every tweet.

  6. levynewsnetwork

    @Raincoaster True but it is bad for us, the bloggers, because it means I don't know who is tweeting my post and can't engage with them...if I could I'd be a better blogger for it (in my opinion)

  7. I completely agree with you, absolutely.

  8. Just implemented the workaround and it works well, just those of us using slider thees shouldn't tick Front Page as "a show buttons on" option as it looks decidedly strange if you do that..

  9. I have a solution that works for me.

    Authorize Snapbird to search your Twitter Timeline, select "Tweets Mentioning You" in Search and enter your twitter ID in "For" box.

  10. levynewsnetwork

    Shimworld what the heck does that do? How would this fix the issue we are discussing...all you're saying is a way to track your @mentions on Twitter. That's something which I do anyway. This is something which using the workaround mentioned above allows you to do and which the changes that WordPress made doesn't allow you to do with or without the tool you've mentioned.

    I don't want to sound like a jerk but I am confused by what value you are adding to this conversation.

  11. @airodyssey
    Thanks for the link to the workaround. I implemented it on my blogs - works great. I also did a "Press This" on the post. :)

    Thanks for posting the snap bird link. I hadn't heard of it before. :)

  12. You're welcome @timethief and also @airodyssey for the workaround.

  13. Thanks for the feedback on this all. We do appreciate hearing all this as it all helps us make better for you. Cheers!

  14. Well, actually, what we want from our happiness engineers, I would think, is for that Twitter sharing button to work the way one would expect—that is, for our handles to appear rather than that @wordpressdotcom line...

  15. Zerode
    I do agree but in the meanwhile the workaround is very easy.

  16. I agree. Perhaps Andrew could advise if they are actually going to fix this?

  17. @Sarah,
    The workaround takes only minutes - it's easy to do this yourself.

    Jsut saying ... the position of may be that nothing is broken and therefore nothing requires "fixing". is not like Blogger. Blogger has Google as their Big Daddy and all the blogs are a mere teeny tiny bit of real estate on teeny tiny corner their multitudinous servers. is a business that's marketing their products and services so don't be surprised if the answer is not one you are expecting.

  18. @timethief thanks, but the work around doesn't show the tweet count though, which is something I prefer to have.

  19. Ahhh ... understood and I note that the third party Twitter button you are using now doesn't display the Tweet count either.

  20. Oops! I have too many tabs open. The third party button is in your sidebar -- duh. :(

  21. @timethief I'm not using a 3rd party app for Twitter currently.

  22. @sarahcryan
    Neither am I. :)

    So would it be fair to say we want to have this thread moved to the Ideas Forum and have Staff to consider changing the via @wordpressdotcom to our own individual twitter handles and also display a Tweet count?

  23. @timethief - agreed. i don't know how to move the thread though. so if you do that would be great.

  24. You know what's a cool feature request to have along with this Twitter tweak? Ability to have a Page View count (can be toggled to show or hide) right in the blog post similar to a TweetMeMe button but smaller. I submitted this request to staff a while back.

  25. @sarahcryan
    I have flagged this thread do our Moderators will move it to the Ideas Forum.

    That's an interesting idea too. Though I wouldn't use it and would insist that it be optional ;) I'm sure others may support that idea.

  26. Thanks for the ideas all! We'll certainly keep all this in mind.

  27. fabricioteixeira

    Please, Happiness Engineers, let us customize our twitter handle on the tweet button.

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