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Change width of theme

  1. hello!

    first, happy holidays to the amazing experts on this forum. you've been so helpful.

    i am wondering if it's possible to widen the main area of my blog? I am using the Coraline theme, and I have the CSS Editor.

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is quite easy with Coraline as long as you do not want to change the widths of the post and sidebar relative to each other (they are set as percentages of the overall width.

    Add the following to your CSS edit window and change the pixel width in "max-width."

    .two-column #container {
    max-width: 770px;

    I would not recommend going over 990px as a general rule since there are still a good number of people out there on 1024px wide display resolutions and 990px is about the widest you can safely go without it causing people to scroll horizontally.

  3. In future, on CSS related questions, could you please post in the CSS forum? That is the first place I look.

  4. thank you, i'm sorry. i keep doing that.

    thank you for your quick worked!

    enjoy the holidays. how can i send you a thank-you gift for the several times you've helped me?


  5. Glad that worked, and you are welcome.

    I thought about setting up a donate button, but just never have. You can use the contact form on the site linked to my username to contact me.

  6. Cool, just sent you a message via the contact form. thanks!

  7. You are welcome.

  8. loveantoinette

    Hi I tried using the same code you suggested in my CSS edit window and my width stayed the same - no change at all. Any idea?

  9. I see you changed it to 880px in width and it definitely changed the width of your theme, so I assume you got this figured out.

  10. loveantoinette

    Well yes and no I wanted a wider width specifically for my posts, not so much on my [right] sidebar/widget area. Is there a way I can change the percentage so my posts and pictures are wider in size?

  11. Add this to your CSS and adjust the two percentages below (original was 65%/30%), but keep their total at 95% to maintain a proper relationship with other elements in the page.

    .two-column #content {
    width: 75%;
    .two-column #primary, .two-column #secondary {
    width: 20%;
  12. loveantoinette

    Yay it worked! Thank you sooo much!

  13. You are welcome.

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