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    I’d like to make my whole site wider, as since the content has grown, the navigation tabs and Facebook feed content appears crammed. I recently purchased the customization upgrade, but have little experience writing my own CSS. Any suggestions for easiest way to expand width? Currently using the Blix theme, although may change theme at some point, although it’s my understanding that custom CSS page will override theme CSS.


    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry to intrude, but I’d love to know about this too!
    I’m currently using Pilcrow on my blog and would like to have wider images since there is a lot of blank column space on this theme. I have no experience with CSS.


    @ritournelleblog, no worries! However, your question is about a totally different theme and CSS is theme-specific. Can you make a new help request at ?

    This has also been posted about in the past, so check out this reply first:


    Sure! Again, sorry for intruding; I didn’t know CSS was theme-specific (that’s how clueless I am ;-)


    For the Blix theme, here is an example that will increase the width of the container and the main content area by 300 pixels:

    #container {
    	width: 990px;
    	background-position: 800px;
    #content {
    	  width: 755px;

    You can adjust that number values two different ones if you’d like. You may also want to think about putting some of the menu elements into submenus to help with the two-line menu issue.



    It worked – thanks! How can I change the width of the sidebar? Site is


    Hi, you can change the width of the sidebar here:

    #subcontent {
    width: 205px;

    You will likely also need to adjust the position of the background element with the grey line, which is here in your custom CSS:

    #container {
    background-position: 800px center;

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