Changed DNS setting my site is no longer visible !

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    I changed my nameserver details – as I wanted to transfer my domain name to my wordpress site. The problem is now both my website which is hosted with easyspace and my wordpress site are not visible.

    I have sent a support ticket to you 2 days ago but have not as yet recieved a reply. I have checked with easyspace and my nameservers have been changed.

    I wish I hadn’t done it now, as at least my blog was visible !

    Have I done something wrong please help someone – I really need to have my site working !

    The blog I need help with is



    You should still be able to access your easyspace website using its easyspace name – ask their support for the details of that.

    Assuming that you’ve set the nameservers to point to etc then you need to buy domain mapping for $13 in the wordpress store.



    Thanks for replying to my post but easyspace are also not replying to my questions.

    I am quite happy to pay 13 to wordpress for domain mapping but I can’t even get to that stage of paying because the procedure will not let me.

    I don’t know what to do anymore because no one from wordpress is replying to my emails..

    i am stuck !



    I have given my credit card details so I am paying for this service but it’s not working !

    Please someone from wordpress help me out here..!



    1) give us the URL of the blog

    2) give us the URL you are attempting to add to it

    3) describe the steps you have taken to do it, and the country your credit card or paypal is registered in: not all of them are accepted here.



    I have another wordpress site and my card details were accepted so I don’t think it’s a problem of payment.

    I think I will give up I should have never tried changing my website redirection – I am stuck in limbo..!

    Maybe one day someone from wordpress will take pity and reply to one of my emails and help me out, Please !

    Goodnight – but don’t click on it because it will not work !



    My site is still not visible – the nameservers have been changed via my account on easyspace I can see they have been changed- I have deleted my cache and cookies and looked on my partners computer too see if it is on his computer but no site is visible.

    Please easyspace can you resolve this –




    I have just looked at my DNS records and I am in a real mess my site is pointing everywhere –

    I think I will have to speak to my hosting provider easyspace –

    I am not blaming anyone it’s probably my fault I should not have tried to change the nameservers myself !

    Thanks Deborah from easyspace for replying to my emails.

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