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    I bought my domain name from a few months ago, and belatedly changed over from to the url last week.

    I updated my feedburner account details to modify my ‘original feed’ accordingly. As instructed, I did not change my ‘feed address’.

    Since then, the feedburner chicket on my site tells me that my rss readers have fallen from 47 to 4.

    I remember that when raincoaster changed to last year, there were some concerns that Google does take a while to find the new address.

    But it looks like my rss readers are not finding the site any more either.

    Has anyone got any ideas on how to get them back ? Many thanks.



    It shouldn’t have affected anything as your readers are still pulling the same feedburner address, right? You may also want to subscribe to your own feed over at feedburner and try and make sure everything is working.

    You have made a post about your move, right?

    The google business is concerning the search engine spiders. That’s a different topic.



    Many thanks, drmike.

    The feed is still live, and looks fine, and I did make a post concerning the move.

    I’ll contact the folks over at feedburner and see if they can help me out.



    Right, drmike, I’m reporting back after some research at Feedburner.

    Here is a graph of my recent feed stats, showing them rising steadily over time, and then suddenly falling off a cliff last week.

    Other users have reported the same effect to Feedburner.

    Feedburner’s explanation is that they have last week corrected their user stats to omit hits from within the WordPress MU client, which they attribute to server and user template admin functions.

    My thought is that some of those WP MU hits might still be internally driven by other WP users, many of whom now check other WP sites from within via ‘My comments’, ‘Friend surfer’ and ‘Tag surfer’ options.

    I would be interested to hear what you think, and to learn if other people around here have seen the same effect.



    That’s probably true because the WPMu rss client is labeled as such I believe.



    Thanks, drmike. I’ll see if Feedburner can look into it and correct if necessary.

    Has anyone else seen the same issue ?

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