Changed Domain Name – Problems Following That

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    I have changed my domain name from to, and though it says on the website that my followers will follow (I will not lose any), my new posts do not appear on my followers’ blog feed (I know that sure because I have the ability to check from other accounts) & there is no new link to my website when you hover over my name ‘ Diana’ as it was before. Can this be resolved?
    Thanks for the help in advance in answering my question.

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    Kokkieh, I have changed my address name (basic member) from “writingsonpapyrus” to “ideasonpapyrus”, and I understand that previous links will be broken, etc. BUT since the change yesterday my followers no longer see my new posts in their news feed. I know that because I logged in different account from which I follow ideasonpapyrus, and there is nothing showing of my new post.

    My previous address: (deleted now):

    My new address:

    Do you know what may be the problem? Thanks

    Also, my name is no longer linked. Though I changed the address following the correct procedure. You can hover on my name Diana who comments, but there is no link to my new website. It simply says Diana – unclickable.

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    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    I refreshed your site because I followed your blog and I too could not see the post you made after you changed your site. However, you should be good to go now. I now see The English Patient post in my Reader.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



    Thank you very much for replying, and helping, but my posts are still not showing to my followers. If I knew how much trouble and problem the changing of name domains will entail, I would never have done it – and I think more prominent warning should be given to others. I don’t mine any past links to be broken, but my new posts not showing in the feed – that is a disaster as far as I am concerned.

    For example, I have written a review of “Lost Illusions” just now, and it does not show to my PAST followers (I do not know about new).

    Please, can you help? (I even follow my blog myself and I do not see my new post in the feed).


    It has not been resolved. My new post does not show.


    Let’s rule out the browser as an influencer in the problem. Can you please clear the browser cache:

    Are you unable to see The English Patient or another post?


    I have done that, thanks – cleared browser cache and still cannot see Lost Illusions or the English Patient posts in the reader when I follow Thoughts on Papyrus as me (my own blog) or as another account (one other film blog I have). They do not appear at all in the reader.



    Hi there,

    I can see your latest post (and all the previous posts) in the Reader:

    Can you grab a similar screenshot of what you’re seeing and upload it to your Media Library so I can have a look? Here’s how to take a screenshot:


    You don’t understand – I can see those in the Reader IF I TYPE – THOUGHS ON PAPYRUS or BALZAC and click “search”, but my followers DO NOT SEE my updates – my blog posts – from me as I post them.


    Ok, they do now – the new ones – but I could not get either of the latest posts in the reader feed. Maybe it takes time to transition. Thanks for your all your help, but my experience with wordpress when I was trying to change something like that has been less than ideal. I guess I will not be updating my account to the paid one or doing anything drastic like that any time soon.


    If the problem continues, please share with us the usernames of a few of the accounts that can’t see your posts and we’ll take a closer look.

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