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Changed my name and can't access any of my blogs anymore

  1. Seems either I missed an important info, or something's got panic attack inducing wrong. I changed my registered name (not the public displayed one which can be changed without any stress), and even though my old password still works, my avatar is there, my email address is still the same and literally nothing besides the name has changed at a first glance - there's not one blog connected to my profile, and I can't access the dashboard of any of my blogs.

    I think that's worth a panic attack.

    This was the information given before the change:

    "Changing your username will also affect the following profile address:
    Your Gravatar profile address (currently
    Your IntenseDebate profile address (currently"

    So I assumed all will be fine, maybe I need to change the link to my Gravatar-Profile here and there, and that's it. Please someone tell me that's the way it usually goes and that WordPress simply hickups here. And that support will be able to help me gettin my blogs back on Monday...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. So it was indeed a major hickup, all of a sudden I can access my blogs again.

    Good for my blood pressure :D

  3. This happened to me today. It just resolved on its own? Right now I'm having the panic attack!

  4. @lbenson311
    Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies so you aren't viewing a cached copy.

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