Changed my theme and lost my links column

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    I have just changed my theme layout to Vigilance, which I like, but unfortunately I have now lost my links column and top horizontal navigation access/editing bar too. Can anyone please suggest what might have happened to them and how I can get them back please?

    The blog I need help with is


    The top bar has now come back but the side column is still missing.



    did you edit the CSS? I do not see why the sidebar is missing… What widgets do you have on?


    I didn’t edit the CSS as I don’t know much about that, so I leave it alone. Same with widgets and that’s why I don’t understand why they column has gone. All I did was change the theme.



    what widgets do you have?


    Since your blog is private, we can only guess. My first suggestion is to go to appearance > widgets and if the links widget is not shown as being in the sidebar, drag it back over and into the sidebar. You might also check at the bottom of that page in the “inactive” widgets area as it might be there.

    This will happen if you go from a 2-column theme to a three column, or from a 3-column to a 2.


    Thanks that’s fixed it. When you say my blog is private you mean for editing right and you can browse it ok?


    The link to your username is wrong.

    It is

    and it should be (without the “s” after http and without the wp-admin…. at the end.


    And you are welcome.

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