Changed page width; can’t change header width

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    I have modified the Blix theme to widen the column.

    1. I can’t widen the header graphic. I’ve imported a wider graphic to match the increased width, but the crop tool still wants it to be shorter. Any ideas.

    2. While you’re there, is it possible to widen the sidebar, or to reduce the indent on the text there?

    Would greatly appreciate some pointers.



    The blog I need help with is


    First off, we can’t help if we can’t see the blog. We need a link to the blog.

    1. The custom header upload thing can’t be used after the CSS upgrade because it will always crop to the original size. Upload to your media library, get the URL of the image and put it into the proper location in the CSS.

    2. Can’t answer till I see the blog.



    It’s I thought that because your comment page asked for this, it would show up in the post. I suspect that’s true for many others who fail on this score.

    When you say “proper location in the CSS”, could I pls see some sample code?

    Many thanks,


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