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changed theme; new post became page; wanted category

  1. I changed the theme of my blog.
    Then I wrote a new post, but there was no way to put it in a category. It showed up as a new page; I don't want a new page, I want the post under an existing category. My old theme was Dusk and my new them is inner something-or-other. I like the look of the new theme better but the functionality didn't seem to translate over.


  2. New theme is inner workigns. And right now my avatar is on top of what I'm typing and I can't get it to move, so I have no idea if I'm spelling stuff right.

  3. How about a link to your blog? I suspect you are in the wrong forum as we don't have a theme here names inner workings. If you are self-hosted, head over to htp://

  4. is my blog. You can see the latest post on a new tab, and I can't figure out how to do categories.

    Sorry for the late response....I can't get on every day.



  5. Oops....the theme is Ocean Mist!!!


  6. You have both a page and a post titled "Another Change in my Garden".

  7. it. When I went to write, the first time, I must have hit "write new page" instead of "write new post." I have successfully deleted the page, and put the post as a post. In between my last post and this one, is when I figured it out. mtdewvirus Staff, you viewed in between, after I wrote the post and before I deleted the page. Quick on the draw, you!


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