Changed Themes, customized text widgets gone

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    I just changed my theme. My customized text widgets are no longer appearing under “Current Widgets”. I clicked “Show Used Widgets” filter under Available Widgets and they appear in that column. However, I cannot figure out how to move them back over to current widgets. They won’t drag and there is no “add” button on them. I will be really, really upset if I have to retype my widget text.



    some themes do not have widget support. try switching back to a theme that allows widgets and see if it does the same thing. i think widget information is saved even if you switched to a non-widget theme.


    This is a major shortcoming with the new wordpress dashboard that I hope they will get fixed very quickly.

    If you have not yet made any changes to the widgets in the new theme you are using, switch back to the old theme and copy the content of any text widget out and into a plain text file. Do the same with any RSS widgets you might have used.

    Then change themes and add text widgets and RSS widgets back in and add the stuff back in that you had copied out and into the text file.



    @ thesacredpath – I’ve not been in here for a bit, and have just tried to do exactly that, but can’t copy anything from th widgets in order to save the info first. I know that was a problem on the first day or so after the switch, but is it still something that hasn’t been addressed?


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