changed username and lost all my previous posts

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    I changed my username and now my blog no longer shows. Did I lose all my posts? After reading about changing my username I didn’t see anywhere that it said my blog would no longer exist, just the username would change. Is there any way to get those posts back?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there! Sorry about the confusion this has caused. While you changed your username, you may have inadvertently changed your blog address as well:

    Selecting “Change to match my new username and discard the old address” will change the address of your current blog. If your new user name is newusername, your blog’s address will be changed to

    Though your blog address has changed, your content is still intact in your new blog:

    If you’d like, I can help you get your old address back and transfer your contents there. Let me know how you wish to move forward. Thanks!


    Thanks. I think I am all set right now. Everything seems to be working fine and has all been transferred over with the new username.



    Great to know that. Thanks!

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