Changes, but same code as always

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    Some changes have appeard on my design (k2-lite, customized), but I haven’t changed my css-code, it’s the same as always (I compared)! Can someone take a look at my blog, and help me?

    Below the header image, there is a menu line/tabs for pages (in my case: Blog – liseliten etc.).

    The tabs USED to have black text (they are now white), and when mouse over (hover), the background USED to get white (now gets black).

    Did wordpress change something? How can I change it back, when the css code is the same as before?

    The blog I need help with is



    You had copypasted the entire stylesheet of the theme into the CSS editor then made changes to it while still using the add-on mode, so the browser reads two stylesheets (the original plus the one you modified) and this can create conflicts. If you had made a few changes only, I would tell you to delete everything and keep those changes only. But since you’ve made extensive changes, then for starters I suggest you go to Appearance > Custom Design > CCC, check the option “Don’t use the theme’s original CSS”, Save.



    Wow, that was easy, it solved the problem, thank you very much! :)

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