“Changes lost” warning even after post update successful

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    Since this problem has been going on for a few days, but there’s no mention here in the forums, I suspect it must be something about my particular installation. The title describes the problem: if I edit a post, then the warning about navigating away and losing my changes pops up even after the update has been saved. I’ve been just ignoring it, but I would like it to work properly again.

    I run on Windows XP pro, using Firefox. Any idea how to get the warning to work properly again?

    The blog I need help with is leisureguy.wordpress.com.



    This is still going on: do a revision, and you cannot, no matter how many times you save the changes, avoid the pop-up warning when you try to go look at the post.


    Not seeing that warning, on either of my test blogs whether they are set to private or public, but I’m on a Mac with Safari and Firefox.

    Try logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies, restarting your browser and try again.

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