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Changes on support forum

  1. The support forum was upgraded a little today to display support status as a small coloured icon in topic lists. A few other issues such as the non-marking of closed topics as closed have also been fixed. If you notice any issues arising from this change please drop a note here to let us know.

  2. I've noticed that the thread titles don't change colors anymore (from the lighter "viewed" color to the darker "not viewed" color when someone posts to a thread. Makes it a little more difficult for volunteers to tell which threads have now posts in them and which do not.

  3. Yes, that's been going on for awhile.

    So, green means resolved, red means active, lock means locked, starred means sticky?

  4. The red/green seems backwards to me. Maybe I spend too much time at traffic lights.

  5. @thesacredpath

    That's a change to trunk we made recently to remove the ?replies=# at the end of each topic link which allows your browser to track when the topics are updated. I'll have to re-add that functionality as a plugin.


    That summary of the icons is correct. Hovering over them should reveal their meaning as well.
    Edit: red means "not resolved".

  6. Thanks Sam.

  7. @thesacredpath

    Replies argument is now back in the url of each topic.

  8. I saw that Sam, thanks a lot, it really helps.

  9. Um.
    When I use the "view your profile" link at the top of the forum to see threads I've replied to/participated in, several threads are missing, and sometimes the link sends me of...nowhere. Or, to the wordpress "sign up for a new blog!" page, which is rather disorienting.

  10. @membracid

    Do you have any specific examples in your profile list? I tried dozens and they all worked.

  11. I've noticed what membracid has as well although it is quite random. I replied to a thread, hit the send post button and got a blank screen (URL was correct in address bar) then when I hit reload, I got the blog signup page with "en" entered into the blogname field.

  12. It just did it again when I hit the "send post" button in this thread.

  13. Any chance of notifying a moderator of porn in the forums? Speaking of an "avatar" tested on the Off-Topic section. The thread is starred at very top, item is on page 46, latest. NSFW.

    I think it will offend some people.

  14. @thesacredpath & membracid

    I'm seeing the same behaviour occasionally and reloading usually gets you to the right place. Looks like one of the servers in the cluster is playing up - I think this is basically unrelated to the recent code changes. We'll try and figure it out.


    In the future you should tag the offending topic with the tag "modlook" and perhaps a note on it as well. (Edit: I see you did that, thanks!)

  15. Ah! Modlook. Forgot I could tag that. Thanks.

  16. Hi. I'm a new blogger and the time showing for when I posted my blog is wrong. How can I correct it? Please help. Thanks!

  17. Even the time I posted this question is wrong. It's 7:17 EST. Sigh!

  18. theparentsden, you can change your blog time through your Admin => Options page, but it is best to create your own thread for your issues, as it confused people when posts are made about something else in a thread!


  19. I've been getting those blank screens in the past few minutes when I click on a thread. Refresh clears it up.

    Question - I've noticed a couple threads have no icon at all. What, if anything, does that mean?

  20. That just means they are in the "ideas" forum which isn't a support forum! As well, the white screens should be clearning up I've been told.


  21. @theparentsden

    Also remember that the time here in the forums is UTC/GMT, not your local time.

  22. Ah, thanks, trent! I saw that no color means "not a support question" but hadn't put 2 and 2 together on the other.

  23. Don't worry, I had to ask Sam that today earlier as well :)


  24. Any chance you could put back "time" a thread is posted? Threads used to have date-time next to them, when I first started at WP, but several months later it disappeared. drmike mentioned, several times, that he asked staff to add it back in, after some kind of forum up-grade, but it never happened. If I want to know, approx, when topic was posted: I have to look at the first reply.

    BTW: like the colors/distinquishing status, it's good. Happy New Year, WPers (--I haven't been around in long time!)


  25. Codes

    Red Light: Not Resolved
    Green Light: Resolved
    White Light: Not a surport Question
    Locked: Locked
    Star: Sticky

    This will help newcomers or someone who has trouble with the Codes

  26. Hi all, just to let you know, we've reverted back to text labels for topic statuses.

  27. Permanent or temporary?

  28. They'll stay as text for now.

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