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Changes on WP?

  1. Is it just me, or does WordPress change their format daily?

    A few examples: The subscribe button is gone replaced with follow. There's a 'me' button' now. WordPress reader instead of read my subscriptions, and Blogs I Follow are my subscriptions same as WP reader. The entire page for subscriptions seems to change daily, the avatars are large one day, smaller the next. Oh there's a few more, but it's early.

    Just me, or is WP up to something?

  2. Bordem?

    "Hey Jeff, I'm going to make the avatars big today."

  3. They've added staff and yes, they are up to something fairly major.

  4. ok, good. I'm going completely insane.

  5. I'm really not liking the 'me' button in the top left corner. Take it away.

  6. presumably, this is why the change the words on the admin bar:

    They added new options to the bar (the shorten link) and needed to make room.

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