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    This is more to notify you of a technical problem, than to ask you a question. I published a post this morning, at 7AM. Around 10:45 (Eastern time) I received an email from a friend telling me that my post was not visible anymore.

    1: When I accessed the dashboard, it was (re)scheduled for this coming Friday;
    2: When I used a previously saved version (from this morning), it appeared:
    a) cut in half;
    b) with the title I first saved it with a week ago;
    c) half of the tags were missing.

    I only have access to my WordPress, and two other bloggers including my wife, which I trust. I’m also a web strategist; I am fairly certain it’s not from my end.

    All has been resolved. Hope this can help.

    Eric (Le Clown)

    The blog I need help with is



    Please post an active link to the post in question. Note that I have tagged this thread for Staff attention.



    Thank you.
    Here’s the active link:



    Thanks for posting that link. You may want to subscribe to the thread so your are notified when Staff respond.



    Bonjour Eric! That is definitely very strange.

    Since all human-made revisions are tracked in the database, would you like to take a peek at the revisions on that post and see if you find anything unusual in any of them?

    If you find the revision where the post was cut short, could you let me know which one it is?

    If you don’t have the revisions panel open, you can activate it by clicking Screen Options at the top right and checking off Revisions.

    Please let me know if you find anything, and if this happens again.

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