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Changes to Blog Footer

  1. equestriancollections

    We are just getting started. How do we go about getting the "blog at" and "Theme: MistyLook by Sadish." removed from the footer of the pages? This goes for any / all themes?

    Doing something so simple doesnt require us to be on the version of wordpress does it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have the paid annually renewable CSS upgrade? That's the only way it can be hidden.

  3. We don't allow hiding the footer items on sites.

  4. @lance
    I used to say that until I discovered that some with CSS upgrades were doing this.

  5. @timethief Let us know if you see that and we'll get in touch with the site owners and encourage them not to hide the links with CSS.

  6. @lance, is this something new? I've seen at least a couple of staff, and possibly more give the code to hide the footer and based on that, I've even given the code, even within the last few days.

    I've put the link to this thread in my copy/paste file so I have it to refer people to, but like I said, is this something new?

  7. Okay. I'm also going to post this answer to the same quation in the future.

    I'm sorry but removing the link to the designer of your theme and the link to is not allowed. it's untethical to remove the web designer's link as it implies you arethe theme designer when you are not. It's unethical not to let your readers know that provides free blogs like your own to all and your readers can have free blogs too.

  8. @thesacredpath Not new, but it'd be nice if we encouraged it to stop happening as much.

    @timethief No need to give that type of answer, just say we'd rather you didn't hide it.

  9. Okay here's a softer approach. lol :D

    I'm sorry but Staff have requested that we do not hide or remove the link to the designer of our themes and the link to from the footers of our blogs.

  10. @lance, I knew it was "discouraged" before, but I thought given a couple staff had give the CSS to hide it that perhaps that policy had been relaxed.

    I'll not give it out anymore and state it is not allowed.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  11. Overall the best approach here is to be friendly and just tell people nicely that we don't allow hiding certain page items with Custom CSS, like the admin bar at the top and the footer "powered by" links.

    We don't have an automated way to enforce it yet, so having your help to nudge people in the right direction will be very helpful.

  12. Understood and bookmarked.

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