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Changes to media handling

  1. I find the new media changes to be more difficult to work with. I used to caption a photo and when you rolled over it you could see the caption and now you can't see the caption unless you open the photo. I didn't need to put in a title. Now I have to change the title or it shows the photo number. If you insert the photo and then delete it the title is still there and you have to delete that also. Just seems more difficult to use. I like the old way better. Am I missing something?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just noticed I have it backwards. The caption shows underneath the picture and the title shows when you open the photo. I would just rather have nothing underneath the photo and see it when you roll over it, like the old way.

  3. paintphotofrance

    I find it more difficult too. I use the Nishita theme and it seems that now, after these changes, I'm only able to place a photo at the top of a post; this is really annoying and a completely retrograde step.

  4. I'm finding the new changes annoying, too, and more restrictive. In editing mode, you can specify that you want the photo on the left, right or in the center, but then the photo gets put in at the top of the post, and I have no choice about it. Plus my photo is elongated and looks terrible. What happened?!

  5. I don't have a problem putting the photo where I want it. There is also a choice of "none" along with right, left and center. I don't recall what theme I'm using but if I put my cursor where I want it and select none it puts it where I want it.

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