Changes to Post Timestamp not taking effect

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    It looks like I found a bug in the way WordPress handles the Post Timestamp functionality. If I edit an item which had a time stamp in the future and change it to another date the post still goes live on the original date – not on the new one I specified.

    See the two latest posts in my blog:

    Today is July 19, this was their originally intended date, which I later changed to July 20 (tomorrow). Despite this change both of them went live today – 1 day early.

    Ironically, despite the fact that the posts went live 1 day earlier, both their paths and their Published date have July 20 (the date which I set later and wanted them to go live):



    Looks odd – send in a support request (


    Same thing happened to me today – a post scheduled for July 23rd went up this morning, most annoying.


    …and then I edited the text of the post, and it “unposted” – when I clicked “save”, the time stamp of 23rd July took effect. How odd.



    We will take a look. Thanks for the detailed information.



    my timestamp is always like 5 hours ahead of time, and i can’t get it to sync with the real time. can’t we choose time zones or something so it’s not always off?


    Go to options > general and under date and time, set your offset from UTC to the proper number and then click “update options.”

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