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    Unfortunately bookmarking is a stop-gap and doesn’t make ease of accessibility from the wordpress page better. I use different computers and bookmarking is not the best option. I hope wordpress will think about these changes. I agree with the above person too on inserting media. There are now more steps to do the same thing.

    We’re devolving here. I understand you’re a volunteer and thank you for your prompt answers but they don’t let us navigate wordpress any better.




    No changes are going to be reverted

    I told the truth based on my almost 7 years of experience here, and on Staff responses in threads with regard to the recent changes to Media handling.

    No, they don’t test anything.

    I don’t think that’s true. I believe they do test first and also know that Staff themselves are among those who are part of the testing on their own blogs prior to implementing the changes here.

    If you need specific help please start your own thread so we can deliver it



    This is a peer support forum where Volunteers answer most questions and tag threads with issues we technical issues that we cannot assist with resolving. We don’t provide emotional support for adaptation to unwelcome changes (please note that we are probably just as unhappy as you are and we don’t get any prior warning of any changes either), but we are happy to assist with technical issues and tag threads when Staff assistance is required.


    I’m concerned about the functionality of using WordPress. Having the drop-down menu with the link taking us to our dashboards was great because having it there as soon as we came to WordPress was user friendly and functional. The only way I could find it now was clicking on various links until I found a page that still offered the drop-down menu at the top. Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress, I left Live Journal because of it’s great user friendly functionality, it’s also one of the main reasons I haven’t taken completely to tumblr. I think I’m mostly worried that there will be worse or more annoying changes ahead. The drop-down menu is a simple thing, but having it easily available makes a lot of difference. Also I really am hoping no changes will becoming of the dashboard because it’s my favourite feature here.

    I just wanted to leave my feedback on it. If there’s a better way or place to I will gladly leave it there.



    I don’t need specific help, I just find it disappointing when changes are made without proper testing and contribute no improvement to the product. I still love WP but please test things before making changes and consider the user!


    If I needed emotional support I would go cry on a friend’s shoulder or have a drink. I’m talking about feedback here. As in, where do I click on the wordpress page to get to my list of past posts and my drafts? Why is it so hidden now? Do I now need a map of links to get there? Isn’t that rather old fashioned?

    If wordpress is so uninterested in how their changes affect their users that would explain why there is no longer a section for leaving feedback. And likewise, the dropdown menu was useful and quick. It is no longer there and no longer quick.

    Like the person above,


    can we leave feedback?



    As in, where do I click on the wordpress page to get to my list of past posts and my drafts

    Your dashboard is here >

    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts

    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts (Drafts)



    Like the person above, where can we leave feedback?

    There is no specific forum for feedback.


    I know what to do when I have the dashboard. What I’m talking about, again, is that when I log in I see no place to bring up the dashboard. If I have to have a host of links, then wordpress has just gone backwards in time.
    Step 1. Log in
    Step 2. Go to dashboard (what do I click on?)

    This has yet to be answered. Don’t give me a link, tell me what I’m looking for to find the dashboard.



    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > (Drafts)


    Sigh. There is nothing that indicates the dashboard. Where did you find the dashboard? It is the dashboard that I’m still looking for. I’m sure once I find the dashboard I’ll find the posts and drafts and widgets and themes and all the other things that are there once you have the dashboard.

    There is no dashboard. I AM TRYING TO FIND THE DASHBOARD, PLEASE.



    This is the link to your own blog’s dashboard

    Read more here >



    For clarity the link to every dashboard is the URL of the blog followed by /wp-admin/


    You’ve said that there is no forum, but that isn’t really what we asked. We are asking for any way that we can leave feedback. Is there an email address or a form (not a forum) we can fill out anywhere?



    I understand you want to provide feedback re: the changes and that’s why I tagged this thread for Staff attention long ago.

    There is not phone support. The email address is only for technical issues and using it places you in a queue with those who have technical issues being addressed to Support Staff, not to developers who make these changes. When we create a support ticket by contacting Staff or by flagging a thread here in the forums for their assistance it’s important to understand Support Staff have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets and threads with the earliest dates first. So if we contact them more than once on the same issue or bump threads the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help. This thread is flagged for Staff attention. What’s required is your patience please.


    I didn’t think this was a hard question You could even send me a screen shot showing what you click on, but giving me a link again and again does not answer my question. After I log in, what do I click on, that is not a link, that will let me get to the dashboard?

    It seems I cannot include a screenshot but once I log in there is nowhere that the word dashboard shows. No where. Not in the minimized dropdown menu, not when I click the blue tabs. No where, no dashboard. Sure, once I get the dashboard, I have all my usual choices, I presume, but where, without sending me another link, is the dashboard? Describe the steps to get to it by clicking. Or is it gone and that’s why we’re playing out this fiasco?



    Please wait patiently for Staff to assist you.



    Colleen, you can open the Stats tab, and then click on the little blue W logo above the graph on the right-hand side.


    Moderator Emeritus

    Pictures of how to log in:
    search for login on Google, then click on “log in”
    screen to put in username and password
    click on your gravatar
    manage blogs—>choose blog—>(fly-out menu) choose—>dashboard


    OMG, now why was it so hard to get to this point? Thanks. I didn’t even see that tiny hidden logo and didn’t think it linked anywhere.

    And @1tess, thank you also. It was nice of wordpress to hide things and make this a hunt. Maybe next time wordpress does a wholesale switcheroo a little sidebar for a month that explains where everything has moved to would help. But that’s right, there is no feedback area, like there used to be. Instead we got to play back and forth all day. Sigh.

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