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Changes to WordPress

  1. colleenanderson

    Sigh. There is nothing that indicates the dashboard. Where did you find the dashboard? It is the dashboard that I'm still looking for. I'm sure once I find the dashboard I'll find the posts and drafts and widgets and themes and all the other things that are there once you have the dashboard.

    There is no dashboard. I AM TRYING TO FIND THE DASHBOARD, PLEASE.

  2. This is the link to your own blog's dashboard

    Read more here >

  3. For clarity the link to every dashboard is the URL of the blog followed by /wp-admin/

  4. You've said that there is no forum, but that isn't really what we asked. We are asking for any way that we can leave feedback. Is there an email address or a form (not a forum) we can fill out anywhere?

  5. I understand you want to provide feedback re: the changes and that's why I tagged this thread for Staff attention long ago.

    There is not phone support. The email address is only for technical issues and using it places you in a queue with those who have technical issues being addressed to Support Staff, not to developers who make these changes. When we create a support ticket by contacting Staff or by flagging a thread here in the forums for their assistance it’s important to understand Support Staff have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets and threads with the earliest dates first. So if we contact them more than once on the same issue or bump threads the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help. This thread is flagged for Staff attention. What’s required is your patience please.

  6. colleenanderson

    I didn't think this was a hard question You could even send me a screen shot showing what you click on, but giving me a link again and again does not answer my question. After I log in, what do I click on, that is not a link, that will let me get to the dashboard?

    It seems I cannot include a screenshot but once I log in there is nowhere that the word dashboard shows. No where. Not in the minimized dropdown menu, not when I click the blue tabs. No where, no dashboard. Sure, once I get the dashboard, I have all my usual choices, I presume, but where, without sending me another link, is the dashboard? Describe the steps to get to it by clicking. Or is it gone and that's why we're playing out this fiasco?

  7. Please wait patiently for Staff to assist you.

  8. Colleen, you can open the Stats tab, and then click on the little blue W logo above the graph on the right-hand side.

  9. Pictures of how to log in:
    search for login on Google, then click on "log in"
    screen to put in username and password
    click on your gravatar
    manage blogs—>choose blog—>(fly-out menu) choose—>dashboard

  10. colleenanderson

    OMG, now why was it so hard to get to this point? Thanks. I didn't even see that tiny hidden logo and didn't think it linked anywhere.

    And @1tess, thank you also. It was nice of wordpress to hide things and make this a hunt. Maybe next time wordpress does a wholesale switcheroo a little sidebar for a month that explains where everything has moved to would help. But that's right, there is no feedback area, like there used to be. Instead we got to play back and forth all day. Sigh.

  11. colleenanderson

    For future queries:
    1. Log in.
    2. scroll over gravatar image
    3. Click on "Manage Blogs"
    4. Click on "Dashboard."
    5. Tadaa!

  12. The thirty day summary is back - well done WP & timethief!

  13. Another change you might want to check is the 'manage my blogs' button. It doesn't work properly and any click always reverts to the main blog. e.g. if I press stats on a secondary blog the primary blog is always displayed. This looks like another case of changes not being thoroughly tested before release.

  14. becomingcliche

    So is Freshly Pressed gone except in reader format?

  15. One of the realities of life around here is that a good bit of tweaking goes on after these roll-outs. One change I've noticed is that the "search" function has disappeared from the new, blue admin bar. It was there yesterday, but now it's been removed.

    I know it's frustrating - this new admin bar is the worst, and non-functional in a number of creative ways - but I'd say give it another day or two, because I suspect they're still working with it.

  16. themiddlestsister

    I will be disappointed if FP is only available in the reader. It is such an honor to be featured on the front page of WP, and the thumbnails make an attractive display of the types of blogs WP supports. It seems to really promote WP's great sense of community, as well. Being on the front page of WP made a big, big difference in my blog readership. Maybe I'm being too sentimental, but... I will miss it if it's gone.

  17. Thank you, Colleen, for providing the step-by-step instructions to locate the dashboard. I share your frustration with the ill-considered changes that the WordPress wizards have made to the site. The hideous blue banner has poor functionality and I am not happy that the search option has been removed. I liked WP as it was; its new incarnation is a travesty.

  18. I am all for changes but please just test them first! You wouldn't make a nuclear reactor without making a few checks!

  19. velvetmountains

    As much as I love WordPress, the new format for Freshly Pressed is very disappointing.

    1. It is not interesting to read it in the reader.

    2. No one can see them except members. How will this encourage new people to want to start a blog, if they are unable to view examples of how wonderful WordPress can be and look?

    3. The grid format is far better ( in my opinion)

    4. Having to read it in my reader seems like a downgrade.

    5. It leaves me not wanting to read freshley pressed anymore, which was one of my favorite things I looked forward to in the evenings.

    6. But- Thanks for all the other wonderful things about WordPress that I really do love.

  20. palechickstudios

    Just to echo a few other's in hopes that WP will see that some of their changes are not helping them..

    The freshly pressed grid format made it easier to see the FP blogs and made them more accessible to people like myself. I am not a person who typically looks for blogs to read. I do not search topics If I see something in front of me that looks interesting I read it, the new format does not appeal and I am not going to click around to see whats been pressed. The old format helped promote blogs, the new format hides them and puts us into an echo chamber. to be honest i have read blogs on FP on topics that I would normally NEVER search. now I will most likely just work on my own blog and maybe read the few that I was interested enough to subscribe too.

    Honestly, this is a poor design. Please reconsider some of these changes. I understand and fully appreciate WP desire to improve their site, but perhaps conversing with WP members on what we feel is needed might help you make better changes instead of changes that clearly go against the WP experience would be a start.

  21. @becomingcliche
    Here is the direct link to the Freshly Pressed page!/read/fresh/
    The Freshly Pressed page link is in the Reader!/read/ directly under "Blogs I Follow" on the top right hand menu.

  22. colleenanderson

    I echo @palechickstudios 100%. Having freshly pressed up and center was very nice and I too read blogs I normally wouldn't have noticed. Likewise, I will not go off hunting them if they're hidden. It was much more visually appealing than the rather boring page that shows now. The design has me glossing right over it as nothing catches the eye.

  23. as requested:
    Adding media (image) to a particular post is not "fully" functional in IE9. No dont tell me to use another browser, or dont give me url to show how its done..

    i have figured out how to upload the image but its a long process and is a PITA. I read timethief's response on a post stating "the new system is here to stay".. but my gripe is ... does it improve the user experience..? Nope (spouting)..

    Question is do u (wordpress) really care... ??

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