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    It seems that WordPress has made some changes to the way my reader loads in the last three or four days. Instead of just loading the most recent posts and allowing me to scroll down if I want it to load more, it now seems that my reader tries to load every post ever written all at once, which means it is never done loading. I have to stop the page from loading if I want it to be done and I’m so frustrated because this slows down my computer considerably. It may take my computer three or five minutes just to get one of the blogs that I read up and running. It makes me not want to read any of the blogs I follow because I just don’t have the sort of time to sit around and wait for each blog to load. Please, please, please tell me there’s a way to fix this — or that WordPress is going to change things back to the way they were! I’m SO over this.

    The blog I need help with is


    I totally agree with you. Whoever decided this was a good move should either correct it or be fired because it’s way beyond an annoyance now.



    Agree. My kids are complaining that I’m slowing down the internet, which is totally true.



    What browser are you using and the version number as well as you flash version?



    is this a flash update thing?



    just started today or yesterday maybe



    This is a major problem now with the latest changes, my computer is so slow when I am trying to look at the reader. Sometimes it won’t even load more than half a dozen posts then I have to to reload, and reload, or go away and come back again.
    I am going grey trying to look at the posts in it.



    It’s not necessary to use the Reader and go nuts doing so. Provided you know what the URL is or how to use Google search to locate blogs you follow, you can cut the frustration out while waiting for staff to address this issue.



    I’m sorry your experiencing this issue. There are others with Reader issues too … sigh

    Please post into this thread which is tagged for Staff attention so we can keep all bloggers experiencing Reader issues together, as I’m tagging all the other threads for closure.



    Apologies for the Reader issues over the last couple of days. It seems like the issues have been resolved.

    If anyone is still having trouble, just let us know.

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