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    why is the blog editor changing my & to &? It’s convoluted and I would like a work-around. Does anyone have an idea?



    Please give us the link to your wordpress.COM blog, starting with http://




    You need to be more spesific. Where exactly, and what exactly is the problem?

    I cannot find any & on your site – what are they turning “into”?



    Thanks, but you still need to direct us to a post with that particular problem. Also note that affiliate links (I can see you are using Commission Junction) may be in violations of WordPress TOS. I’m saying “may” because by the looks of it these links are related to your posts and the overall topic of your blog. If I were you I would contact WordPress for clarification. Staff may shut down your blog at any time if they deem it to be in violation of TOS.


    Definitely contact staff as I’m virtually certain it is in violation.



    ah..and yes, ampersands will turn into
    in the code.
    why is this a problem? This is just how character sets works in html.



    I would direct you to a page on my blog that has that html problem, but I never posted it because it kept changing the html code. I wasn’t aware of the html editor changes (I didn’t think that happened anymore in html editors) and I didn’t know about the restrictions on ads when I recently started my blog. I thought I could have a few relevant ads on the site, since pretty much most other wordpress blogs I read regularly have them. Thank you for your answers and help. I really appreciate them.


    Blogs which are self-hosted and using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG can have ads, but blogs hosted here on the free hosting service, wordpress.COM cannot have ads.

    If ads are desired, you can register a domain name, hire a web host, install the software from .ORG, and you will be free of the restrictions here at .COM although it is a good idea to look very carefully at the Terms of Service for the new web host. Some are more restrictive than others, although the restrictions do not typically include ads.

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