Changing "1 reply" to "1 comment" in Twenty Twelve

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    I’m looking to change the wording of the comments link that appears with each post. I’ve already changed the wording for when no comments have been made, but I’d like to change the wording after someone has left a comment from “1 reply” to “1 comment”.

    Can anyone help with this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Actually, even more customization with this would be great. Changing it to “There’s currently 1 comment. Leave your own.” would be that much better.



    I’d also love some help with this – ‘1 comment. Leave your own’ sounds much less sterile than 1 reply. I’d also like to know how to force the Twenty Twelve theme to show those comments underneath posts without having to view the individual post url’s.


    What you can do with CSS is change the appearance of something already on the page, and there is also a way to add plain text using pseudo elements, but you can’t change out just one word of a string such as “comment” in “1 comment” using CSS only. If you really wanted to get full control to change that wording, you would need to switch to and actually do some custom PHP programming or find a plugin that does what you want.

    That said, here are some examples of adding text using pseudo elements that you can play around with.

    I see you replaced the “leave-reply” link text using this custom CSS:

    .leave-reply {
    	visibility: hidden;
    .leave-reply:before {
    	visibility: visible;
    	content:"What'd you think? Leave a comment.";

    Another way to do that would be to just add the first part like this:

    .leave-reply:before {
    	content: "What'd you think? ";

    And if you wanted to do the same thing when some comments have already been left, you would also add this:

    .comments-link:before {
    	content: "What'd you think? ";

    Or if you wanted to add “Leave your own.” after the links that show the number of comment that have been left, you could add this:

    .comments-link:after {
    	content: " Leave your own.";

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