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Changing a paid domain name

  1. I purchased a $99 value bundle for my blog and in doing so also bought a domain name. I've soured to the URL quite badly though, so I was wondering if there was a way I could keep the bundle and domain but change the URL?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. If I have to pay another 18 dollars a year for the new URL, that's fine, but the bundle is what I am most wanting to keep - cheers

  3. Apologies, but bump. Really needing some advice here :(

  4. Please be patient. Staff is needed to assist you: this is a weekend but they will help as soon as they can. Bumping your topic after only a few minutes is not productive.

    This thread has been tagged with "modlook" so staff will find your question.

  5. Thanks a lot! Much appreciated for the response.

  6. melissaroseblog

    As far as I could tell I couldnt change mine. I tried to return it to by a new one but it was passed the 2 days. Granted, I did it on the weekend and didn't have staff help cause it couldn't wait!

  7. You really just need to buy a new domain name for $5. Your mapping upgrade is still fine, and you can just map the new domain to the blog.

  8. Cheers - how exactly do I do that?

  9. On your Store dashboard page, buy a new domain. Then just set that domain to be primary.

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