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Changing an A record for a SUBDOMAIN with Custom DNS editor

  1. The WordPress support site says "Please note that you cannot add an A record for a root level domain such as through the Custom DNS editor." The URL for this quote is

    However, I'm wondering if I could use the Custom DNS editor to add an A record for a SUBDOMAIN such as

    If so, what EXACT line of code would accomplish this? I need to make an A record for which points to a specific IP address. The reason I want to do this is I want to then have an MX record point to the A record.

  2. Hi. What are you trying to do exactly? (for example: "I want to redirect to")

  3. I'm now domain-mapping a domain I used to host on a different hosting provider to my wordpress site. It had a bunch of email addresses associated with it. Since I still have other sites with the other hosting provider, they said I could continue to run my email for the domain now on through their mail servers. Since does not allow you to run your email through their system, my other hosting provider said the above plan would be perhaps the best way to do it. They also thought that even though does not allow adding A records for the root level domain, I would still be able to add an A record for a subdomain. Hope that makes sense.

  4. I use my old host for my email and the records I needed to add were like this

    `A mail
    MX 10`

    Each host is a bit different and I have a static IP address

  5. PS - ignore the back ticks above - I intended them as a code thing and missed for formatting

  6. That sounds like it should work. Should I also omit the periods at the end of each line? I think the DNS editor has a code validator I can check the periods with. I also have a static IP address. Thank you for the help!

  7. The periods or Full Stop Characters are needed - I left the period off the first record and it did work - but I have read since then that it is needed but I have not had the nerve to go back and change something that is working

    good luck & you be welcome

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