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Changing Andreas04 text area default font ONLY

  1. There is a easier method and its called [Windows Live Writer] [Off Line Blog Editor] If your familiar with outlook or word then WLW shouldn't be hard for you to
    figure out you can chose the front and size for your post and preview as it would
    look like on your site with out even opening your site... :)

    Link » 1: Getting Started - Windows Live Writer

  2. Good point, teck07. I sometimes forget about WLW, even though I use it at least once a week myself.

  3. Vivian, I'm confused again now since I don’t know what paragraph you refer to with "Changing the paragraph as I gave you earlier makes the most sense". You has given me several paragraphs.

    I don't understand either what you said about background: “(And the background would change, too, because relative urls don't work with custom CSS. You would need the absolute address of the background image (the 6th line above)”.

    To take the discussion from the point till I understtod it, the line code that in my opinion has prodeced better results is,

    #content p{
    font:130% cambria,tahoma,verdana,sans-serif;

    Regarding WLW I'd need more detailed info than the one I got in the video. I'll search Internet.

  4. Hello padronel,
    There is no need to go the CSS route if you don't understand CSS
    I posted a more simple solution that I posted in my previous comment... :)

  5. Carlos - when I mentioned the word paragraph, I was referring to my earlier statement
    As for that bit of code - if I understand CSS, the "p" after the #content (which I believe is the element) is for paragraph
    where I talked about what the p meant in #content p

    In my comment about background, I was referring to what you said here:

    With a period there text letters are all like bold, and title letter are huge and the color there is lost.

    You said the color was lost and I was explaining why it was lost. You're not using that code, anyway, so don't worry about it. (I put it in parenthesis because somebody may look back through this thread and wonder why the background color didn't work.)

    WLW is a great tool for off-line blog writing. And there is no copying and pasting. Once it is configured, you just type away, like you would in Word, and the content is posted to your blog with all of the formatting in place. Plus, it's free. You may want to see if that works for you before you spend the money on CSS.

  6. Thanks Teck07. I'm just downloading the WLW. However, according to Vivian there's a lot of garbage code in my blog, due to the fact I've been using Word to post, and a way to rid out of it is using CSS,... if I understood well.

  7. No, you don't need CSS to clean up the code! If you edit your posts and use the eraser icon, you can get all that messy code out of there, but you will lose all of your formatting. I wouldn't go thru the hassle of doing that if I were you. Everything we talked about is what you're going to use going forward.

    Yes try WLW. If it works the way you want, then you've saved yourself some money ;)

  8. Oh ok sorry
    there's a option in your editor the button looks like a eraser
    click that and it will clean up all the bad HTML tags
    [you'll have to edit each post with the bad HTML tags]
    you'll have to highlight the wording before clicking the button....

    Link » What do all the icons mean?
    The icon I'm speaking about is #7

  9. Sorry for the echo post vivianpaige,
    I was writing my post so I didn't know
    you posted this great information...

  10. Well, as already said I'm downloading WLW (it's taking longer than expected by me) and I'll try to understand how to use it. However I'm worried about the garbage code in my blog and I'd like to delete it just in case my visitors can see it; I, by the way, don't.

    My worry caame fron that you wrote:

    “I see all kinds of stuff in your blog that are extraneous HTML codes added by it”.
    “Your post has a lot of garbage HTML in it from Word”.
    “You have a lot of formatting in separate posts, as you said, because sometimes the formatting you wanted worked, and sometimes it didn't. “This you will have to clean up manually, if you want your blog to be consistent. We'll get back to that when we've got the css happening, but keep that in mind”.

    So, if you can help me to clean up my blog and giving it consistency but CSS is necessary, I’ll buy it. You let me know, please.

  11. Well, thanks to you all. I'll try WLW and if having problems I'll come back to the CSS option.

  12. So, if you can help me to clean up my blog and giving it consistency but CSS is necessary, I’ll buy it. You let me know, please.

    CSS isn't used to clean bad coding... CSS is used to change how your theme looks

    What you'll need to do to clean the bad HTML coding is edit each post that
    has it and highlight the wording click the eraser icon in your editor...

    P.s. Your welcome, & thanks for saying thank you

  13. All what I posted today was made using Windows Live Writer (WLW) and I have to thanks you for the recommendation because WLW is a great tool. The today’s posts I see when entering my blog as a visitor seems to be fine, but I don’t know if you at WordPress still can see garbage code on it.

    So far I found two "uncomfortable problems” only,

    1.- There are some missing names in the list of categories, and I had to write in paper a list to figure out, by position, what the missing name is.

    And most important and time consuming:

    2.- I have to open Format in order to change font (style, size and color) on a post-by-post basis. I’m trying to find how to change the WLW default font to 'Cambria 12 Rgular Black".

    Thanks again!

  14. 1. You can refresh the list of categories in WLW, and that should bring in the entire category list.
    2. There doesn't seem to be a way to set a default font. But if you just type what you want, and then go back and highlight all of the text and change the font, it only takes a couple of clicks.

  15. Wow your post Done by WLW looks really nice...

    To answer your there is no way at this point to set
    a default for your font....

    and for the category's issue... At the bottom of
    the post there is a double arrow click on that
    and it will display your posting options you'll
    have to be signed into your wordpress account
    thru WLW for your category list to update

  16. Thanks. Teck07.

    Sorry to hear that about the default font. At least you saved me the time I was spending in looking for a solution.

    Regarding the categories, what I'm using is just what you mention, but when the list of categories is displayed, a lot of names are missing.

    Another problem I forgot to mention is the one related with characters not in the English alphabet. I discovered that while trying to use the Search function in my blog. I submitted the problem to your support and I was told that the solution is to retype, while in the Search window, any character having an accent or the letter Ñ. They also told me they are working to correct that.

    I use to distribute my post tittles using FeedBlitz. What I tried to distribute today presented estrange characters where an accent, and Ñ or even quotes (") should be shown. I had to enter WP as admin, editing each of the post involved in that, and replace the estrange character by the appropriate one. I'll try to do that while still in WLW.

  17. The list of categories on the WordPress edit window defaults to the most used categories. To get the entire list, you have to click on All Categories.

    I still say that if you refresh the categories list in WLW, all of them will show up for you to choose there.

  18. When posting from inside WordPress I have no problem with categories.

    The problem with categories without name is when posting from inside WLW. Same is valid for non English alphabet characters: no problem when posting from inside WordPress, but problem when posting from inside WLW.


    There's no such an error with non English alphabet characters. The estrange signs I see in the first list FeedBlitz presents to me do not appear in the one that subscribers receive.

    What I learned before I discovered that and enter WordPress to edit each post having one of those non English characters to type the new ones, is that the whole post adopt the WordPress default even though I don't touch its text.

  20. Once more I was testing the CSS change that worked las time

    #content p{
    font:120% cambria,tahoma,verdana,sans-serif;

    and got no change in post text . I increase to 200% and got change in posts' header and footer only but not in text which is my target. I don't know what could happen.

  21. Are you looking at a post that is not already formatted for the cambria font?

  22. In most recent posts formated for Cambria 12, the result affects text bodi paragraph interlines and footer. Nothing happens to header.

    In old posts formatted with default font, the result affects text body FONT and paragraph interlines, and also footer.

    However, my goal is to affect the text body font ONLY.

    I'm bothering you with that again because for reasons I can't explain --but that are putting stress on me-- the daily amount of visits to my blog use to be 2,000 as an average (some days were 3,000) while I still kept it in my domain under b2evolution.

    But my host started blocking access to my blog because it caused CPU overload, so I decided to move it to on July 4th.... and immediately the daily visits started to fall down to reach yhe 500 (you can check giving a look to my blog's stats). Only possible explanation I found being not a tech guy is that I had Google Analytics in my blog under b2evo but I cannot put that in my blog under WP.

    Looking in a WP forum I found that a remedy for that is adding a lot of sites' URL (trackbacks) which will put my posts in the net, but in order for me to do that I have to post from WP directly since WLW has no option to add trackbacks. So, to post from WP and get the font I want I need to buy CSS but with the correct code for Cambria 12 (or maybe 11) Black in the text body ONLY.

  23. WLW does do trackbacks - you have to click on the arrow to the right of "set publish date" and it brings up a whole set of advanced options.

    As for the bit of CSS code - I have no idea why it worked the first time and doesn't work now. Perhaps one of the CSS gurus will check in and figure it out for you.

    As for blog hits - well, there are a lot of reasons why hits fall. One is simply moving the blog. Your new location is less than 30 days old. It takes time for the search engines to index the blog.

    Plus, I notice that your domain name is resolving to which makes me think that perhaps you are using some kind of redirection service (as opposed to domain mapping) which creates another whole set of issues. (Check the forums on redirection.)

  24. Who was your host so I can avoid them in the future? 3K hits a day should not cause CPU overload. Either they had you on a ridiculously oversold shared server or underpowered server or you had some massively crazy database queries going on. I'm going for the oversold server theory.

    Feel free to leave a comment on my blog or email (addy is on my blog).

  25. Kathryn, I'll just want to share that info with you by email, but even though I could visit your blog I coundn't find your email address.

  26. Excuse me, Vivian, but I have revised WLW and coudn't find that "Set publish date". Maybe the problem is that my WLW in in Spanish, something I dislike, but I coulnd't find either a way to change it to English.

  27. Left behind.

    And yes, Vivian, you are right: I'm redirecting my blog so that those who use the old b2evo version, still in my Host server, can reach the new WT version.

  28. Found the very well hidden "set publish date" Spanish version.

  29. Got the comment, thanks.

  30. I know this is not the right place to do what I'm going to ask for, but I haven't received any answer to my problem, so I'll try,... and I'll accept a 'no' from you.

    I started my blog with on July 4th after having moved to it --using the services of a tech guy-- most of the files under a b2evo program in my domain, where my previous blog was in. (I said 'most' because over 2,000 were left behind).

    Due to unpleasant experiences I plan to make a full backup of my blog every month, and in preparation to that I installed a WP-2.6 replica --same theme, same structure--in my domain.

    Well, I tried to make my first backup today --exporting from and importing into but I found that out of the 7,272 posts I have in, only 2,200 (a 34.2 MB XML file) arrived to

    Is there any method I can use to replicate in my backup blog ALL the posts in my active one?

    I post over 50 items per week, so the amount of posts to be exported/imported will increase every month, and I suspect that even today a file containing the 7,272 posts would be heavier than the 64 MB that allows to import.

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