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    does anyone know how i can change the width of the bands on the sides of my blog?
    i am currently using the sapphire theme, and it has these giant black bands…can
    anyone help? please visit if you have no idea what
    i’m talking about.



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    Best bet would be to take a look at the currect CSS file for the theme and see how it’s done. One of the suggestions I’ve made it cut and paste that into the CSS editor and go from there.


    how do i access the css file for the theme?



    In order to do this you would have to purchase the css upgrade and customize the theme that you have now, which I see that you have changed from Sapphire to Fauna since yesterday.

    Was purchasing the css upgrade and customizing the Fauna theme what you intended to do?


    yes, i am desperately trying to figure out how to change the colour of the header
    on the fauna theme for, and also how to narrow the bands on my blog.



    It sounds liek to me that you’re not all that familiar with CSS. You may want to try reading up on some of the online resources that are suggested in the FAQ.


    so i have visited most of the faq’s and help websites, but i still can’t find my answer. it seems with the fauna theme that the colour is for the header image is set (or at least i can’t figure out a way to change it), and as for the sapphire theme, i have tried to alter the margins, but maybe i’m doing it wrong?



    You cannot alter the margins on any of the themes unless you purchase the upgrade and do css customization. Otherwise you are stuck with them and they cannot be changed.
    If you are not going for the upgrade the Fauna header is not changeable.
    However, if you are not going for the upgrade the header on the Sapphire theme is changable. I previously posted this but my post was removed as being off topic.
    The header sizes for Sapphire are (1) not including the black border 741 pixels x 171 pixels (2) including the black border 760 pixels x 180.

    Edit: *SIGH* Now you have the Blix theme. Without the upgrade the header can be changed. The size is 690 pixels x 115 pixels. But the side margins cannot be changed without getting the upgrade.


    thank you for your help. yes i have purchased the css upgrade, but am very
    unfamiliar with it (and sorry, i was just testing the blix theme, and forgot to go back to fauna). should i copy the source code from my blog, paste it into
    the editor and go from there? which are the margins i should change for saphhire? and and where do i find/alter the code to change the colour of fauna? thank you thank you thank you

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