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    I want to change my blog address from to something else (not sure yet). If I go through the “change blog address” process and select the “No” option, will that keep my user name? I don’t want to change my master WP username, just the address. I want this newly named blog to be in my list of “My blogs”.

    Also, will the current mapping still work, or will it have to change. I currently map to If I change the blog address, but keep the old address, will the mapping go to the old address or the newly named one (which is the same blog but new name).

    Third, I’m hoping by using this option, I keep my current subscribers as well as my statistics history.

    Lastly, what if I want to change the name to a blog address I already registered. I registered a blog with the anticipation of importing my old blog into this new one. That was before I discovered the “change blog address” option. When I go to change blog address, will I be able to use that address since I’m the one who registered it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your purchased domain mapping in order to map the domain name to a specific sub-domain. It does not matter what the URL of that sub-domain (blog address) is as domain mapping is used to seamlessly transfer visitors who click the URLs for the sub-domain on to your domain. That is in fact why we purchase domain mapping at all. Consequently, what you propose makes no sense.



    Ummm. Okay. What about the other questions I asked.



    IF you use the old address, all your existing stats on the blog you tranfer over will be wiped out.



    Purchasing a domain and domain mapping means your content is still in the same place. The stats are still there. Everything is the same as before except for the URLs. When you register a username account at you provide an email address and it becomes your unique identifier. When you are logged into under that username then every blog your register is assigned to that unique identifier (username & email address).

    If you now choose to register another blog then you will have to get Staff to change the domain mapping to it instead of to Then you will have to export all content out of the into the new blog as well. All the links will be broken and
    Your blog is indexed by Google (1,660 results).
    Your blog is indexed by Bing (78 results).
    So breaking those links makes zero sense.

    What you prose is not in any way an benefit to your blog. It’s detrimental to do this. The underlying sub-domain URL is of zero consequence when you have domain mapping, but you can do that if you wish. Here’s the contact link for Staff. They will be able to do a better job of explaining this to you than I can do.



    Ahhh. Thanks time thief. I get where you’re coming from. Just map the new domain to the current subdomain (duh! Why didn’t I think of that).

    Can I have two domains mapped to the same sub-domain ( and

    And is the Google and Bing indexing based on or



    All the search engine indexing by Google and Bing is indexing based on the root blog sub-domain URLs. Those posts and pages will all be re-indexed and ascribed to the domain URLs by the search engines. Whatever authority and page rank the root blog sub-domain has achieved will be gone. It does not transfer.

    The new domain starts from zero and with 4 – 6 months the domain will probably reflect the same authority and page rank the root blog sub-domain had, all things considered. When the re-indexing is completed the search engines will clear their caches in about 3 – 6 months time and the original root blog sub-domain duplicated URLs will be gone. The new domain URLs will remain in the SERPs (search engine page results) as they have been re-indexed and assigned to the domain.



    Can I have two domains mapped to the same sub-domain

    If you already have a domain but want to map it directly to your blog, not through a subdomain, read the instructions for mapping an existing domain to your blog.

    While you can map as many domains as you want to one blog, each Domain Mapping Upgrade can be used with one domain only. You can’t switch to a different domain later during the upgrade period. To map a different domain, you can purchase another upgrade.

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