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Changing blog name

  1. I changed the blog name in the dashboard/general settings/site title. My understanding of the support instructions was that that should also change the name in the url that appears in the browser bar. That has not changed. Is there a delay for this change to be registered?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Changing blog name in the way you told just changes blog title, not the url of it
    To change the adress of your blog follow this

  3. Hi
    I just did the same thing and the change was immediate - I did however - manually change a setting on that same page further down - to the correct address..
    Hope that helps.

  4. @richardlyon43 - we need the URL / Link to your blog to give you accurate advice.

  5. I was following the instructions in that link. It sends you to general settings. The only thing I could see to change there was site title. The instructions seem to say that changing that would change the first part of the url. That didn't happen.

  6. Go to ''my blogs'' and change blog address if you are willing to do so.

  7. I went to my blogs. Clicked on change blog address and it took me back to the dashboard with the same options.

  8. I think you change your blog address too often thats why this happening. I can't tell you further. Auxclass or any other senior member may help you.

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