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Changing blog name

  1. Hello,

    I wonder how to change my blog name. The answer is NOT Settings -> General, because that changes blog title and not name. Blog name is something that the blog was initially called, one can find it Dashboard -> My Blogs, first column. Even though I have changed blog title and address, name stayed the same, and it appears on emails (if a person has subscribed to my blog).

    Thank you so much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same question. Anyone able to advise here? Thanks in advance.

  3. I am also having the same problem ? I've spent hours trying to change this ... i'm a bit scared to transfer my whole wordpress to a new address just to change the name in case all my time spent uploading gets lost ! h-e-l-p

  4. Same problem with me but don't get any best guide.i have website related to stock tips

  5. Don't worry, as I discovered later, this name changes as well, just it takes a bit longer. Try to login to your account the other day

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