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    hi all and HELP!

    I’ve decided to change my blogs address so that it would show my blogs name instead of the initial, random phrase. I’ve done this according to official wordpress support notes at ( I have opted against discarding my first blog and against creating a new username. resultantly, I am now controlling both blogs from one account with same username and password)
    Everything seemed fine at the start, new address even had my old traffic count. All until I started googling up my blog under its new address: google only shows links to my old one still. So it seems like everything went ok on the inside, but failed practically. The old blog is now empty as all the posts neatly transferred themselves to the new address. Moreover, instead of deleting the old blog I have set it to private, so a referral through google ends up at a password protected, empty original blog rather than my actual one!
    I was thinking about deleting the old blog altogether and wondering whether that would solve the problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    NO, that will not solve the problem.

    Blogging more at the new address and getting more links to the new address will gradually cause the new address to outrank the old. Right now all incoming links are going to the old one. Just wait; it’s usually no more than four months, and that’s for a well-established blog.



    thanks for advice and speedy reply!

    So there’s nothing internally wrong, I’ve not made any blunders when transferring the address?
    my bolg has a lot of images, do you think re-linking them in some way to the new address would help speed the process along? Also, I was away to spread the word about my blog among my friends etc. If I’ll provide them with the new address, will they be able to find it ok or will they struggle with the old blog getting in the way?


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    The site linked to your username here is apparently to your old blog. I’d change that right quick if I were you. Whenever you comment, that’s where potential readers will end up: a private site!
    Users—>Personal Settings—>Account Details—>Website—>save

    If you comment on your friends’ blogs with the correct address attached to your username, then they will get to your blog…



    thanks a lot! I’ve now done that

    It seems that there are sooo many little things linked to that entire address change that I would NEVER discover and fix myself: maybe killing the old blog is the best solution for a rookie like me…




    thanks for your help raincoaster and 1tess, really appreciate it! My issues seems to be resolved now, so I’m closing the thread, thanks a lot!

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