Changing charset screwed up WP

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    I have had a lot of trouble finding an appropriate charset, so I was trying some different ones. I was changing them under options >> reading >> Charset (standard is UTF-8)

    I typed “mac” and was asked if I wanted to save the changes. I never should’ve done that. Now I’m left with a lot of ᅢᅢᅢᅢᅢᅢᅢ’s and I can’t change it back to UTF-8. It now says UTF-7 and every time i try to change it to something else, it does’nt change anything. Still says UTF-7…

    Ever since i typed “mac” in the charset my blog has been acting very weird. Everytime i change anything or post anything it ask me to confirm the change with a “do you really want to change… “

    When I post something new, the title doesn’t show up.

    HELP ME! My WordPress is screwed up and i don’t have a proper backup.

    My site:


    After changing the charset to “mac” I was redirected to this page, which I believe looks a bit weird too:

    Serialized data?



    At the head of this the forum is a post titled “please read me first before posting”
    That post lays out the differences between and We run on different software. You’re in the wrong place. Please go here and I think you would have known that if you would have read the post. ;) Good luck and happy blogging. :)

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