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    what would the code be to change the font color for:
    site title
    sidebar links
    main body text links
    and the ribbon of color in at the top of the theme?

    The blog I need help with is


    Site title:

    h1.logo a, h1.logo a:visited, h1.logo a:hover {
    color: #DA0A0A;

    Sidebar links (the code you had was almost right, but sidebar is an ID which starts with a # in the CSS. Classes start with a period (.))

    #sidebar a {
    color: #9F9F9F;

    Links in content, use this for the non-hover color:

    .entry-inner a {
    color: #33DD00;

    Use this for the hover color on links in content:

    .entry-inner a:hover {
    color: #ddaa00;

    I’m not seeing a ribbon of color at the bottom of the site linked to your username, .



    Could you help me out with a few more codes?

    The background color in the RSS feed widget
    The links at the bottom of the page
    and the line of colors at the top of the page

    Thanks so much


    The background color in the RSS feed widget

    A background image is being used for the RSS feed:

    You can change the colors by downloading the image, creating a new image with different colors, uploading the new image to your media library, and using that image link in the following CSS:

    a.rss:visited {
    	background: url( 'YOUR_IMAGE_URL' ) top left no-repeat;

    Another alternative would be to remove the background image and then style it using CS only from there. Here is an example to start you off if you’d like to do it that way:

    a.rss:visited {
    	background: none;
    	padding: 0;
    	font-size: inherit;
    	height: auto;

    The links at the bottom of the page

    To change the color of links in the footer area of the Bold Life theme, add this to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS:

    #footer a {
    	color: saddlebrown;
    #footer a:focus,
    #footer a:hover {
    	color: darkred;

    Adjust the color names as necessary.


    and the line of colors at the top of the page

    The lines below post titles in the Bold Life theme are created with an image:

    You could download that image, adjust the color, upload the new version to your media library, and use that image instead with this CSS: {
    	background: url("YOUR_IMAGE_URL") bottom left no-repeat;

    Replace YOUR_IMAGE_URL with your image link.

    Or you could replace the image with a solid colored line instead. Here is an example: {
    	background: none;
    	border-bottom: 3px solid #4B1C0A;

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