Changing color of footer in Forever theme

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    I have the CSS upgrade and my site uses the Forever theme. I’d like to:

    1. Change the color of the footer from black to white.
    2. Change the color of the font from white to black.
    3. Shrink the footer font size.
    4. I want to keep the WordPress and theme credits, but alter the wording a bit. I currently have it reading
    “All content 0a9 2013 H. Elaine Cheong, DDS. All rights reserved. Blog at Theme: Customized Forever by Automattic.”
    but would like to shorten it to
    “All content 0a9 2013 H. Elaine Cheong, DDS. All rights reserved. Theme design by Automattic, powered by” and still link to the Automattic website.

    Thanks very much!
    My site is

    The blog I need help with is



    I recommend that you start by looking over the CSS Help section on the support page about Custom CSS. It has links to some very useful tips and resources.

    The CSS Basics page is a nice place to start if this is your first time working with CSS.

    I also highly recommend the Firebug plugin for Firefox to help you identify the pieces of CSS code that you need to modify to get your desired changes.



    You can also post questions directly in the CSS Customization forum to get help with CSS from staff and volunteers.



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