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    Hi, I just have a simple question about my sidebar and I don’t know a whole lot about CSS. I notice that my sidebar ( is the default color I have on my machine (like the color you select for your message box in Windows). I just want to be able to change the background color so it doesn’t look different on everyone’s machine. Dig?




    Have you purchased the CSS upgrade? Otherwise you won’t be able to change this.

    You should know that there’s no staff support for CSS and volunteer support on the forums is limited. My suggestion would be to play with the free preview option until you can work out whether you can do what you want and then decide whether to spend the money.

    But also, I’m surprised that you say your sidebar is transparent. When I clicked on your blog it was just white. What theme are you using? I didn’t think there were any that behave in the way you’re describing.


    Yes, I did. I meant to post this in the CSS forum. I’m using the Pressrow theme.


    Oh, and the part to which I’m referring is the part where my blogroll, etc. is. The rest of the stuff is white.



    To remove the color from the sidebar widgets in Pressrow, look for this line:

    #sidebar ul li.widget ul, #akismetwrap, .sidebar_section { width: 230px; padding: 10px 0 7px 0; background: #f5f5f5; float: left; }

    and make it like this:

    #sidebar ul li.widget ul, #akismetwrap, .sidebar_section { width: 230px; padding: 10px 0 7px 0; background: white; float: left; }


    Oh I see what you mean. But it’s not transparent – it’s the same on everyone’s machine. It’s #f5f5f5 as ellaella says. You can change it to whatever you want.


    Thanks! That’s got it for me. I promise I’m not a dummy :)



    You’re very welcome.

    {wave to rosclarke}

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