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Changing Color of Visited Category Link

  1. sallywally2016

    Hi. I love my unvisited category link color, which is a shade of blue. However, once it is visited it turns red.

    See the category "humor" here:

    Nothing I'm trying for the category tag is working. Here's variations I've tried in the CSS:

    .category-links visited {color: #0099cc;}

    .category-links a:visited {color: #0099cc;}

    It doesn't seem to like either of them, so I know I've got it wrong. Help, please ... Many, many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, since I'm not sure whether you mean the category links inside your post (under the title), or the links on the sidebar, here's the CSS for both. Pick what you want:

    // For cat links in posts
    .entry-meta .cat-links a:visited {
        color: #0099cc;
    // For cat links on sidebar
    .widget_categories .cat-item a:visited {
        color: #0099cc;
  3. sallywally2016

    Thank you so much! Worked like a charm.

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