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Changing colors

  1. I must be missing it. On the Chaotic choice, I can change header pic and color. But I don't see an option to choose the color.

    also, can I change the pages list color??

    There is no option for automatically changing background colours on blog pages. If you wish to do this then you can purchase a css customization upgrade and undertake the editing required yourself.

  3. Are you talking about on the custom header settings where it says, "This is your header image. You can change the text color or upload and crop a new image."?

    That is, unfortunately, standard text that doesn't seem to apply to Chaotic Soul. All you can do is change the header image, not the text color.

  4. What's weird is I actually did it once. There was a box to choose a new color. Then, when I changed the phot, it was gone, and I've never seen it again.

    Ok, white it is.

  5. How do i change background colors? Or where do i go to find out? I pay for the upgrade btw. I have never worked with CSS before, but i ended up on a page full of code, I could see colors mentioned among the code, but no idea which part of the page the color code applies to or what color the color code means. Help!

  6. did you read the faq that timethief has provided above? staff do not provide css help. you sound like you do not have much idea about css; try checking out the link in that faq for css tutorial sites.

  7. thanks sulz, i'll do that tomorrow as it's beddy-bye time here in toronto. But thanks a lot!

  8. ok sure, no problem. =)

  9. I just want to change the green font colour in the Theme by Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. on the widgets thing
    how could I do that? :)

  10. You would need to pay for the CSS upgrade and know how to use it.

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