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Changing colors for Hero theme without upgrading

  1. Before I dive into changing themes, I wanted to make sure I would be allowed to make the simple changes I am looking to make for the "Hero" theme. Basically I am looking to change the background color (including the center portion where the text is) to light and then change the font color to dark. I am not wanting the black and red but I am looking for this exact layout / behavior etc. Can I do this without upgrading to a paid version? Also, is support available on adding pics to match the layout given? Please advise. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, to make your changes you will need the CSS upgrade.

  3. Ok. I only ask because Chateau has a light version and a dark version. Hero does not have this option? Is there another theme that has the same layout as the Hero but can have either a light version or a dark version straight out of the box light Chateau has? Please advise. Thank you.

  4. No. Hero does not have a light version. You can change the background color, but not the content color. I'd suggest you get another blog (free) and import your content to it. Keep the second blog private so you can use it to test various themes. Then when you find a theme you like you can easily change and no one will know except you.

    You can filter themes in the themes showcase for features you like about Hero and experiment with how your site will look wearing the different layout.
    or access available themes via dashboard—>themes—>preview

  5. If you decide to set up a test blog here is how to export:
    then import to the test site:

  6. Thanks, I'll give that a go. What I like about the her is the layout and the slider / call-out option. What I wish it had was a light and dark version. Are these tags available in the place to choose filters? I don't suppose you could direct me to a theme that has both options? Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it.

  7. I'm sorry but is rolling out so many new themes that I cannot keep up. As a volunteer mod I do try, but work obligations right now are keeping me too busy to test all the new themes.

    Make a test blog. You can experiment with how your content looks on lots of themes pretty quickly.

    I'm just starting a site using a theme on wp.ORG with a call out button but I think you could do something similar with a text widget, depending on the theme having a sidebar, or in combination with a custom menu.

    Sorry to to be more useful. Perhaps another volunteer will chime in with some suggestions for you.

  8. You can also check the Themes board and see if there are any threads on those questions:

  9. I thank you for your time as a volunteer moderator. Your efforts do not go unappreciated.

    Two more things -

    1 - if I were to choose a pic as a background, what is the optimum size and settings to make it fit regardless of screen resolutions?

    2 - speaking of, if you could allow PageLines to send their "Lite" theme to, I would be most greatful. is built on using their free theme and it is very easy to use (and customize if you know css).

    Ok 3 - If I were to choose the Hero theme here and pay for the upgrade to change the css, is there only a one time fee or a monthly fee and is support available to tell me exactly what to enter to change the entire background (including text area) to a certain color? I may need help to make the layout work like the picture. I do have a shortcut to the themes info page to help me get started.

    Thank you again for your time.

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