Changing colors via Design Upgrade – Want to change color of standalone quotes

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    I was playing around with the color-changing options, which are really limited with my theme because I chose Splendio. I LOVE Splendio and have customized it in every way I can (check out new header images to replace the stock architecture photos.)

    So, the short question is: Is there any way to change the color of the standalone quotes in Splendio using any of the Design upgrades (color, font, CSS)? I am a complete newbie to CSS. I’m learning, but it’s a slow process. I only have 1 CSS code customization for iOS Affairs and it’s something that someone on the Forums wrote for me.

      If anyone can help by guiding me to relevant information on how to change the color of stand alone quotes myself or is willing to walk me through the process in WordPress, I’d be ever so grateful!

    If there is an actual Saint out there who just knows the relevant code and would send it to me so I can copy and paste it and just change the color, I would, I don’t know. I think my head might explode. Acts of kindness at that magnitude of selflessness are extremely rare these days.

    Actually, acts of kindness where there is no expectation of gain are almost extinct, I think.

    Despite the despair this type of thinking could bring on, I choose to believe that some good soul out there will know what I need to know, will somehow connect with what I wrote, and will help me. I don’t know why I choose to believe that, but I do. It happened last time I asked a CSS question about altering design and I was shocked and pleased!

    Thanks in advance for anyone who does anything to help me solve this dilemma!!!!!

    As an aside, I was on a blog break and just came back to writing on my iPad (I don’t own a computer). I have to say that I am in LOVE with WordPress’ new redesign! The colors are perfect on each page and I love that they vary depending on what you are trying to do. The deepest black and my favorite deep turquoise greets me whenever I go to the dashboard. I can’t remember where I saw the colors change to writing and fonts in Brown and a complimenting Orange! It was lovely and so retro/vintage/chic/modern.

    Anyway WordPress, I’m not sure when you made the changes because I have been out of it for awhile, but I just wanted to let you know that you have 1 avid fan of your new look in me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Paste this in the CSS editor:

    .entry-content blockquote, .comment-content blockquote {
        color: #456789;

    Replace 456789 with the hex number for the color you prefer. For colors and numbers see here:

    A couple of notes for future questions:
    a) CSS questions should be posted in the CSS forum, not the Support forum.
    b) This is a place where we help one another an learn from one another, but help is more likely to come when your posts are short and to the point. “How do I change the color of the quotes” doesn’t require nine paragraphs.



    Thank you and my apologies.

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