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Changing colour of post links in Fresh & Clean

  1. I have just changed to the really nice new theme Fresh & Clean from Vigilance. Is there anyway in Fresh & Clean to change the link colour from this rather bright blue to a colour of your choice, like you can in Vigilance?

    If not, is that something that can be added, as it gives the blog a much more coherent look. Now it looks a little disjointed, as you can change the background colour and personalise the header, but not adjust some of the other blog features.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Changing link color is not an available option with the Fresh & Clean theme. It would require you to have the Custom Design upgrade and know how to work with CSS.

  3. Thank you justjennifer, I thought that was the case.... I have now added the custom design to the theme and changed some of the CSS. Been having fun ;-)

    However my Font Typekit doesn't seem to update to all headings. All other text is OK, but the headings are not in the font I set in my Typekit. Any ideas why?

  4. I assume you mean after updating the fonts in the Custom Design>Fonts Dashboard? No, sorry, I don't, since I'm not familiar with the new arrangement. Perhaps you should post this as a separate question.

  5. Thanks justjennifer I will post it as a seperate question.

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