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    Hi all!

    I’m fairly new to CSS, and I’m trying to figure out how to change something on my blog.

    On the homepage, at the bottom of each post I have the link to comments on the post. Shows up as:
    “1 comment” (or 2, 3, whatever)

    The font is very small so I’d like to enlarge it and also change the font color. I’ve searched through the original CSS file and I’m not totally sure what to modify to make these changes. Any insight/suggestions/help would be most appreciated!! :)

    Also, is there any way to change the position of the comments in each individual post page? They’re at the bottom, at the end of the post, which is fine but you have to scroll down kinda far to get to them. Any way to move them up a little?

    Thanks so much,

    The blog I need help with is


    .metadata {font-size:1em;}
    .metadata, .metadata a {color:#00ffff;}
    body.single .hr {height:20px;}
    body.single .metadata {margin:0;}

    thank you so much hallluke!

    that worked perfectly!

    I ended up changing the font family to make it stand out a little more. I actually kept the font size at 0.8em because when I changed it to 1em it was bigger than the font in the body of my posts.

    Question: is there any way to change the font size only for the comment count?

    i.e. change “4 comments” to 1em but leave “posted in christian’s top 10” for example. or the “tags” section in the default font size/colour/font family?

    Sorry for all the questions! Thanks for the help!



    There is a way but it only works in newer browsers that support some of the more recent CSS features so it won’t appear for every visitor to your site:

    a[href$='#comments'], a[href$='#respond'] {font-size:1.2em;}


    Thank you @hallluke, I will try this out! Would I just paste exactly what you’ve written into my css?
    ONE more question (sorry!)
    how do I change the color of my links? right now they’re just showing up same color as the rest of the text (though they are underlined) & I’d like to change that.




    p.s. how do I view my site’s stylesheet? is there any way?



    I’d recommend using Firefox and the Firebug add-on. Otherwise you can right click and select view source and find the CSS file, or just click the link to the original stylesheet on the CSS Customisation page. Links can be changed with:

    a {color:#00ff00;}
    a:hover {color:#ff0000;}

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