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changing date of a post

  1. I have done searches both through WP and through Google and all I find is to use the "Time Stamp" drop down on the right hand side. That is not showing up when I edit or begin a new post.

    How can I change the date of a post?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog you are talking about please.

  3. The permalink or URL for the post contains the date on which it was published. If you change that date then the URL will be "broken" and if the post has been indexed by search engines what will happen when the URL is clicked is a 404 (page not found). Hence changing a date and breaking a URL is something to be avoided.

    How to change the date is to edit the post and in the Publish box in the right column locate the date and click the "Edit" button, change the date and click "Update".
    Example: Published on: Jun 7, 2010 @ 19:35 Edit

    This entry on scheduling a post has good illustrations of the date/timestamp you can eyeball >

    Lastly, note that when you edit a post and change the date/timestamp the post will not appear in the golabl tag pages on the "new" date. It's will appear under the tags you assigned and display in order of the date/timestamp. This software adjustment measure was introduced to stop those who were chronically editing their posts to keep them at the top of the global tags pages.

  4. I left out a word in the second to last sentence above. It should have read:
    "It's will appear under the tags you assigned and display in order of the original date/timestamp.

  5. thanks so much, now I can merge blogs!

  6. @jemjester
    I'm glad I was able to help you. Best wishes with the merger. :)

  7. @jemjester
    The word "merger" is lingering in my mind. The easiest way to merge two blogs is by using the export and import tools. Are you aware of how to export and import content between blogs?

  8. I wasn't thanks for the extra info!

  9. Gosh ... I wish I had known what you didn't know earlier ... lol :D
    You're welcome. :)

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