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Changing Default Category Order alpha-numeric

  1. Is there a simple way to manually alter the order of category listing in the sidebar?

    In this case, I'm listing categories in the sidebar as Page 2, page 3, etc and when I get to page 10, of course it alphabetically lists Page 10 above Page 2.

    For now, I've called Page 10 'Pages 10' to make it list in numerical order.

    But i wondered if we have a way of custom re-ordering?

    thanks, colin

    quentin theme

    [Deleted spam link - drmike]

    [Links fixed *sigh* - drmike]

    MAC OSX using firefox now as camino suddenly developed photo upload problems today

  2. have you tried putting a space in front of the single digit numbers?

  3. Best bet would be to copy and paste the html code into a text widget and edit it for your liking.

    Friendly reminder that you don't use the 'www' bit when you have something else there like your 'maicomobi' name. 30% of the net and most search engine spiders won't or can't follow such a link.

  4. Resolved - thanks Judyb12

    Thanks Drmike for www. advice; i didn't know that. and i didn't think of link as spam so sorry for that too

  5. Not a problem. We've got to watch teh offsite links. They have to be wp related for the most part.

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