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    Hi all.

    I’d like to add the blog subscription widget to my default sidebar without losing everything else. Is this possible? When I drag the widget to the sidebar and view it everything else has disappeared!

    I’ve tried recreating the original by adding various widgets but I can’t add everything that’s missing. The theme is Greenery by iLemoned.

    Thanks for any help,


    The blog I need help with is


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    This article should help:

    especially this:

    • Some users experience difficulties with dragging. If that’s the case, you can click “Screen Options” (while on the Widgets screen) and tick “Enable accessibility mode”: that will produce a more surefire “Add” tab to the right of each widget name.


    “I’ve tried recreating the original by adding various widgets but I can’t add everything that’s missing”.

    That’s what you need to do, and you can add everything that’s missing. The respective widgets are:
    Recent Posts
    RSS Links


    Thank you everyone.
    I’ve used widgets and got as close as I can….the “Recent Posts” isn’t quite the same as the default “Latest”…I should just stop being so precious!

    I found this on the link Tess posted:
    • The default sidebar items of a theme are artificially generated from the theme’s underlying files: in some cases they are not identical in look and/or function to the standard widgets common to practically all* themes.

    Once again, thank you :o)


    @yasmin: You’re welcome.
    The passage you quoted was written by me, but I fail to see any difference between the “Latest” widget and the “Recent Posts” widget in Greenery (other than the title, which you can change).


    Recent post lists only posts, the default Latest shows latest actib=vity including page updates, but I can get round this by posting to say I have added something to a page.


    Thanks – hadn’t noticed that!

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