Changing default target for Enterprise comments anchor

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    Currently with the Enterprise theme, clicking on “comments” at the top of a post takes the reader to the comment form at the bottom/end of any existing comments. Said reader doesn’t even see the comments unless he thinks to scroll back up. Is there a way to change the target of that “comments” anchor so the reader lands at the TOP or beginning of the comment?

    And a second anchor/target question: Is there a way to add code to make a custom Enterprise header image an anchor or link to the blog’s home page, as is often the case in other themes?

    (Apologies in advance if I’ve not used the correct terminology.)

    The blog I need help with is


    Both would require access to the underlying theme files, and since this is a multi-user platform where we all share the same files, we do not have access to those.



    Oh drat. Was hoping it might be a simple little CSS change. But thx for the reply. Much appreciated. :)


    You’re welcome. CSS is for styling only and can’t be used generally for changing or adding functionality.

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